Brian Dorgan

Brian Dorgan


  • CF L1
  • Alexandra Lachance Gymnastics Seminar


Why I love coaching:
When it comes to coaching, there’s nothing better than helping someone realize their potential.  When someone makes a lift, improves their form, or just crushes a workout, there’s no greater feeling than knowing I was a part of that process, but it’s not about me.
I like to make sure that every person who shows up to class knows that I recognize their hard work and efforts.  you don’t have to come to class or sweat through a workout, but the members of Monmouth CrossFit do, day in and day out.  The fact that I get to surround myself with those types of people is a privilege.  We have an amazing group of members who really define what makes the CrossFit community so great.
I couldn’t be happier to be a coach at Monmouth CrossFit!

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