Sean Carney

Sean Carney


  • CrossFit Level 1


Why I love to coach:

I take great fulfillment in helping people and I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity that coaching affords me to do so.  I know firsthand just how impactful great coaching can be.  When I first joined MCF, I couldn’t do  a single pullup, for example  Through hard work and the guidance of my coaches over the years, I eventually developed the skills necessary to do sets of pullups or even to complete workouts containing more advanced movements.

MCF is an amazing community filled with phenomenal members, all of whom have different goals.  I am very eager to do my part to help each and every member achieve their personal goals.  From improving the quality of our lives and our overall fitness, to achieving new personal records for our lifts, or to increasing the efficiency of our gymnastics, I’m exhilarated to be able to help.

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