Sean Leonard

"He works with you to achieve your goals..."

Sean Leonard

I’ve struggled getting consistency in my workouts let alone gains over the years.  As a former athlete it was very frustrating, particularly not fitting into things anymore.  One day a friend asked me to join him for a session with his trainer at his CrossFit gym.  I have to admit I had preconceived notions with what CrossFit meant.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I ended up immediately working with Kevin one on one for the next two years to present.  He’s the whole package: he’s very supportive and encouraging but challenging whenever needed.  He’s very knowledgable and is constantly staying up to date in his field and even nutrition.  His workouts are great, I’ve never had the same workout twice.  He works with you to achieve your goals.  And he always does it with an eye on making sure you are not potentially injuring yourself.

Oh, and he had me back squatting 235 which I never would have imagined before stepping into his gym!

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